My story
There are several reasons that attracted me to USANA. The biggest two were the quality and benefits of the products and how the business opportunity can give greater work-life balance.
I am a qualified physiotherapist with over seven years experience in a variety of areas including hospital-based rehabilitation, musculoskeletal private practice, gym-based fitness and rehabilitation, fitness and wellness education and facilitation.
I have been fortunate to work with the whole spectrum of patients, from elderly patients after stroke or fall, through to elite athlete rehabilitation and performance. I have an in-depth understanding of what helps the human body to recover from illness and injury, but more importantly, the factors of prevention.  I have enjoyed benefits of USANA products, such as increased energy and improved immune system. As a health professional I have seen people achieve some  incredible results with these products, from feeling of general health and well being, weight loss, massively reduce joint pain, and more. I truly believe that there needs to be a wellness revolution where people actively prioritise their health through eating well, enjoyable exercise, thinking well, education and these world-leading products. USANA's founder Dr Myron Wentz has an incredible dream I connect with:
“I dream of a world free from pain and suffering, a world free from disease. The Usana family with be the healthiest family on earth. Live life to its fullest in happiness and health”
From a business perspective, USANA offers an opportunity of a life time. I feel there are several things that are important to have an amazing career or business; following your passion, offering positive value to the world, having fun, tapping in to a world-wide market and creating unlimited residual income. Due to web technologies and websites I have been able to develop business and customers in New Zealand, Australia, UK, Singapore and Hong Kong.  I managed to do this at the same time as working as a physiotherapist. While the process has been challenging, I have been able to reap the rewards, and now a stream of income flows to me on a weekly basis from sales that automatically happen around the world!
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